auMansio is a small NGO from Firiza, a village near Baia Mare situated in Maramures District.
Our organization deals with youths and tries to make them realize that not only money make them strong but the information that they have regarding other communities and other people with other religion, other culture and other traditions. It is very important for us to make them realise that they  are not alone in this world ( I am saying this because here  in this village they have no possibility to  contact other youths because the village is a bit isolated from the city, youths go in foreign countries and they didn’t finish their studies because of the money problems and we risk our village to remain withouth them, another problem we have here- there is no places where they can meet and discuss, no library, no  nothing....Because they don’t have anything to do here they start smoking , drinking alcohol and drugs from very early ages.) and they have very few information regarding what is happening around them.Members at our organizations are teachers that work every day with children  and know how to make them understand that they are useful for this society and they can change many things if they collaborate and help the others.
Our main priority within Romania is not only to carry out our responsabilities towards our country and society as individuals, but also to carry out our responsabilities as citizens. Experiences from the depths of history, that may have broken apart societes and people, should not be used as  means to base a foundation for a new abyss. Instead, youths throughout region and  throughout international area should be formed and informed how  to establish bridges between each other.
We did some projects in schools and highschools about European Union and made youths understand that they  are all equal and they all have the same rights. For example our project “Europe everywhere” made at “Emil Racovita” National Highschool from Baia Mare, with the help of European Council in 13.06.07 , had the aim to make students understand what implies being an European, and a good citizen, through various activities. We made every month ecological actions with the help of our volunteers from “Emil Racovita” Highschool from Baia Mare and with the help of very many teachers from schools, highschools and universities.Education is a meaningful tool enabling us to introduce and to integrate young people in the world of dialogue, the world of mutual understanding, the world whose future depends on them.
Therefore we have chosen intercultural, civic and peace education as the main topic of ourprojects . We will approach these issues from the standpoint of non – formal education to let participants understand better the complexity of today’s world.
Intercultural education (anti-discrimination and interfaith dialogue) helps youths to understand differences and similarities among all the people at the same time putting an emphasis on equality.
Nowadays, when all the societies of the world become more and more diverse and multicultural, tolerance is one of the main values and preconditions for peaceful coexistence.
Peace education (conflict resolution and human rights education) is crucial not only in the areas where conflicts recently appeared but also in all other countries. It not only prevents the break out of a conflict but also spreads the awareness of the role of compromise and human rights in all societies.
Civic education (active citizenship, youth participation and youth networking) is an irreplaceable tool to promote the sense of responsibility for what is happening around us, to empower young people in order to become active members of the society. Therefore it underlines that we can all make a difference and have a real impact on our reality.
" We believe that there are a common basis and common objectives for intercultural, peace and civic education. We approach them all since we know that these kinds of education show us the possibility to change the world we live in and lead to constructive dialogue between people, cultures and civilisations. "

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Hochia Adrian

Hochia Ioana
project manager

Laura Oana
project coordinator

Fangli Flaviu Cristian
project coordinator